Who are you considering to hire for your next project?

Great question and probably one of the most important ones! 


In the construction industry, it seem as though general contractors come and go faster than most other industries. Why is that? Perhaps it’s due to perceived low start up cost or maybe it’s because every Texan with a truck thinks they can swing a hammer.  


The problems that can arise by hiring these “short term” companies can be very frustrating. For example, when they go out of business, so does your warranty. 


Due to the nature of this business, we believe it’s crucial you hire somebody that has been in business for a substantial amount of time with a solid reputation.


Chris Petzolt, owner of ACS (Austin Construction Services) has been on the jobsites for over 17 years. Born and raised in Austin, Chris spent most of his early summers (around the age of 14) on his father, Marvin Petzolt's jobsites. Marvin, has owned and operated Grandeur Custom Homes since 1994 to present. He is a great asset to the team!


As Chris was obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Business he learned the trades of electrical, plumbing, flooring installation and every aspect of construction by doing the work side by side with the professionals. Like Marvin always says, "How are you going to tell someone how to fix it, if you don't know how to fix it yourself." The skills developed over those years are what separate ACS from most other contractors. The team knows exactly how the work is to be done correctly and efficiently. They don’t rely on the subcontractors to tell them the “appropriate” way to resolve an issue. One thing about construction, no matter how well you are organized, how well you have planned, issues are going to come up on every project. The only question is, how to resolve the issues correctly, efficiently and cost effectively. 


We appreciate your time and look forward to getting the opportunity to work with you!



In 2014 Chris & Marvin built a personal events venue, Ranch Austin from the ground up. We use “in house” crews so the same crews that work on their personal projects, work on their clients projects. See photos at www.RanchAustin.com